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Hong Kong Theatre

Positioned as a major attraction in the new waterfront development near thriving retail and commercial developments, the concept study imagined a Hong Kong that is a leader in entertainment and tourism through the development of a strategically designed large and modern theatre. The new theatre would serve as part of the necessary array of performance and sports venues that will help make Hong Kong a competitive attraction when compared to other destinations such as Macao.

The Theatre would depart from more traditional theaters primarily in its premium seating opportunities and other revenue development capability, much more like the revenue basis for modern-era sports arenas. Some of those components include special food and beverage operations at multiple levels of the theatre, Luxury suites for theatre sponsors, clubs and lounges that can operate either in support of a show, or after-hours as well. These features create partnerships with national and international business interests and are what makes private sector financing of the project possible, while keeping ticket pricing and most amenities easily affordable to the general public.