Entertainment District Development

District Development is the creation of planned urban environments that support and benefit from destination attractions such as sports arenas / stadiums and music venues, and expands that opportunity to include urban residential and boutique work places.

Advantages to a total planned District include expanded tourism, increased spending on retail, food and beverage, greater after-hour use of existing parking and transit, increases in sales tax revenue and more opportunities for original programming and revenues, managed district sponsorship and advertising.

Desirable results in the District Development approach include:

  • Initiating and sustaining a known development environment through the creation of a special entertainment district overlay
  • Designing master plans which support high intensity entertainment and sports uses while creating opportunity for denser residential and workplace spaces
  • Building a consensus of stakeholder views
  • Creation of a Business Improvement District and governance that recognizes the high energy nature of the community
  • Initiating zoning changes such as signage and late-night business operating hours
  • Developing district-wide Green development initiatives